Stories and where you can find them

I'm delighted to have a story in the brand new issue of Interfictions. The entire issue is well worth checking out - interesting fiction, poetry, and nonfiction articles.  My short story is called "To Hold the Mirror." The seed of it was first planted in my brain by a mention of solitary bees on last year's Elementary finale. This is the bee that appears in my story - I think it's very beautiful. The other interesting and nonspoilery thing you might like to know is that the Silver Swan of John Joseph Merlin is a real thing, and it is spectacular.

Speaking of John Josephs, I am also very pleased to announce that my short story, "Locally Grown, Organic," will appear in a forthcoming anthology edited by John Joseph Adams, Help Fund My Robot Army & Other Improbable Crowd Funding Projects. You can read "Help Fund My Robot Army!!!" the story that inspired this anthology, here.