We all have those days

I wrote 583 keepable words today.

I wrote 729 that I deleted.

I'm not sure how many I deleted yesterday. Or the day before.

I've been trying to start a novella. It hasn't been going well. I kept doing this thing, where I'd get an idea, well, a piece of an idea, and start writing. I'd get a couple hundred words in, and then kaput. My brain would sabotage me. "You've already done this." "Someone else has already done this, and better." "There's nothing here." "This is overdone." 

And things would just go flat.

I have seven different openings.

I've saved the openings. Most of them are, after all, things I am genuinely interested in, and you never know when you see a spark that you didn't see before.

The thing that finally worked, is I found a character. Her voice is in my head, and I want to know what happens next. And parts of those other ideas will probably find there way into this story.

Here is the thing about writing: some days suck. It's like life that way. 

It doesn't mean you aren't a writer. It doesn't mean you won't find your story.

Keep trying.

I wrote 583 keepable words today.