Week One

I moved into my new apartment a week ago. My furniture showed up yesterday evening. (I know. I talked about this A LOT on twitter. But you guys, I missed my bed. Working on the floor plus sleeping on the floor meant a lot of bruises in weird places.)

I got work done! This is good, since, y'know, writing things is my job now. And thanks again to everyone who supported the Fireside Magazine kickstarter, because now I get to write another story this year. I am really looking forward to writing this one.

I've started unpacking. Mostly, what this means is I put the bed together, and got my desk set up, and any boxes that were immediately hindering either of those things got unpacked.

I feel remarkably settled for a woman whose hallway is lined with boxes and who has yet to find her coffeemaker, and I think that a lot of that has to do with being in the right place and doing the thing I am supposed to be doing.