Five things I want to write

Over at his blog, my friend Joe Hill has a list of five things he wants to try as a writer that he's never done successfully. I think it's good to have things percolating in the back of the writerly brain, so after I read his list, I started thinking about what things I want to try in my own writing career that I haven't yet done successfully. (NB: for the purposes of this list, I'm also stealing his definition of "successfully" wherein success = getting paid, and for the same reason.)

So, what are the five things I want to try?

Write a YA novel. Okay, this one is sort of a cheat, since I know that's the next new thing I'm starting, and I'm actually doing the reading for it right now. But I haven't started writing it yet, and this is my list, so on it goes.

Write an epistolary novel. I think the form is a tremendous amount of fun. I also think this might be the sort of project that would be great to pull off with a collaborator.

Write a comic. Or a graphic novel. Don't worry - I won't be doing the illustrations.

Write a sonnet cycle. And here's where the "successfully" caveat comes in. I have one from my misspent youth. It will never see the light of day.

Write an episode of a television series.

Not necessarily in order of desire or priority, and obviously I have less control over some of the items on the list, but fun to think about.