A Month of Letters

I love getting real, proper mail. Letters and packages that just show up, as if by magic, and there they are, tangible proof that someone was thinking about you. It's kind of glorious.

I also love sending cards and letters and things in the post, even though I am a very absentminded sort of pen pal. I love selecting cards or stationery, the right color of ink, wax and seals and stamps - all the little rituals of communication.

And of course I understand that there are other ways to communicate - email, text, phone, twitter, blog - that are easier, less expensive, more instantaneous, than letters sent in the mail. And really, what matters is the communication, not the format. But still, I love real physical letters in the mailbox.

So this month, I am participating in (wonderfully talented writer) Mary Robinette Kowal's beautiful idea, A Month of Letters. Every day that there is mail this month, I will send something to someone. I think it will be a little bit magic.