It's comedy that's hard

Last night I wanted to read something that was fun. Light-hearted. Possibly even comic. It had been kind of a rough week, and I had worked a lot, and I was tired. My normal comfort books were out, as I tend to be the kind of reader who uses comfort books as a way to allow myself a good, cleansing weep.

I looked at my shelves, and realized there was a big gaping hole - there were no light-hearted, fun books to read, nothing that would make me laugh. (I do have some Christopher Moore, and Terry Pratchett, but I've read them, and I wasn't in a rereading mood.)

So here's where I ask you to help me out - what are some good comedic, fun books to read? They don't need to be genre - I enjoy reading any number of kinds of things. I'm not looking for joke books, and light-hearted need not mean light. Just the kind of thing that I can read after a long day, or a rough week, and not weep for the tragedy of it all. Thanks.