When the darkness has robbed you of all of your sight

Yesterday on twitter, my friend Joe asked people to share their Mulder Score -  a number from zero to twenty, calculated by whether you believed in any of the following ten things: Horoscopes, Auras, Ghosts, Telekensis, Telepathy, Fortune-Telling, Bigfoot, Nessie, UFOs, Souls. You got two points for definite belief, one for maybe, and zero for things you didn't believe in. (It got hashtagged as #mulderscore for any of you who want to read back through the feed.)

I scored six: belief in souls and ghosts, and maybe-belief in telepathy and fortune-telling (if we define fortune telling broadly as any divinatory practice.) And honestly, the fact that my number wasn't higher makes me a little sad.

Not that I want to be gullible (though there are some, I am sure, that would look at that small list of beliefs and tell me I am), but that I wish there were more things I could believe in. I remember believing in Nessie and Bigfoot (hell, I remember believing in the Bun-biter Snakes my Dad told me lived in the overgrown section of our backyard.) I tried very hard to set things on fire using only the power of my brain. I was certain there were unicorns, and elves, and fairies, and wizards. There were so many wonders that seemed possible.

I appreciate logic and reason and knowledge, and I am grateful for modern science and technology. But I long for wonders, for the miraculous, for the bright flash of magic.