What I want to do on my summer vacation

The grading will be done tomorrow, which means I'll have my grades calculated and in to the registrar by Tuesday. And thus, the semester will end. Summer vacation, hurrah!

Unlike the halcyon days of my youth, where summer vacation meant reading, the scent of sunscreen, reading, slumber parties with friends, reading, swim practice outside, and reading, summer vacation right now just means I don't have to work my day job.

I have a lot of plans for this summer, and most of them revolve around some kind of writing work.  (Though I really am looking forward to at least pretending like I will catch up on my reading.) I have a lot of projects. And I'm thrilled about that - I haven't said yes to anything I'm not excited about. But there are a lot of projects.

So my goal this summer is to learn to work smarter. Because right now I am really good at the "get up in the morning and work all day until you are so exhausted you have to sleep, with occasional breaks to feed myself and the fuzzy residents of the house" plan. Lather, rinse, repeat, until the day comes (usually about once every seven to ten days) where my brain is so burnt out it stops functioning, and I get no work done, and I am racked with guilt at my failure.

Yeah, not really a long-term sustainable plan. For a number of reasons. So I need to learn how to take down time, at least once a day, and have it actually be guilt-free down time. I need to learn how to schedule my days in a manner that keeps me busy, but not exhausted. And I need to find a way of doing these things that I like, that feels organic with how I function, because if it feels forced, I'll never stick to it.