I write these apologies for me, really

I hate not blogging regularly. I like talking to you guys. It's fun. We have good conversations. So I really try not to let too many days go by without a post.

But the thing is, it's that time of the semester. The end. Where the students are all freaking out because they have to write their final papers, and I am buying up the local supply of coffee and chocolatey desserts because I am going to have to grade them.

And I have some exciting news - an interview and an essay that will be online soon! a web project that will launch next month! an incredibly exciting development that I will tell you about as soon as I can! - but nothing I can be specific about, and I don't want to write Kat Howard and the Blog of Secrets.

So hello. I'm here. Not dead. Things are good. And I'll be back with a brain no crazier than usual when I've finished grading 125K words on Chaucer.