A serious lack of umbrella drinks

So Spring Break is officially next week. However, since most of my students chose the "write a paper" option over the "present in class" option, I didn't need to hold class tomorrow, and so I cancelled it. Which means that theoretically, today was my first day of Spring Break.

In case you wanted to know what a vacation day looks like for me:

Up at 6:30 with Sam I Am, who can no longer sleep through the night, after last month's illness. I was actually so exhausted I physically hurt, so after we came back in, I stumbled back to bed for another hour, and slept in.

Morning internet triage. This was pretty exciting, because I got Very Excellent and Wonderful contracts, and also story notes from an editor. Signed contracts. Responded to editor. Filed email responses for Internet Project launching this summer.

Had appointment. Ran errands, some writing related.

Lunch at the computer, while doing fun internet things (email with friends, faffing about on twitter. You know, fun.)

Graded one-third of the Chaucer projects. This included eating one of the Chaucer-themed cupcakes my students backed, so that was pretty great. Also printed out Chaucer project essays that came in late and via email (bad!) (and also had a colossal fight with my printer, which was unable to tell that it had paper in it. Fixed printer.) and answered student questions about the next assignment, and next fall's class. 

Fed animals, and did associated animal chores.

Sanity break - read blogs, and other fun internet things.

Cooked dinner, fed me.

Gchat meeting with the excellent Megan Kurashige, with whom I am collaborating on a project I find both terrifying and exciting.

Final tweaks on a blog post for a friend's new site that's going up tomorrow.

Took an actual break, and watched last night's episode of The Good Wife. I love this show.

Typed about 2000 words from the notebook into the computer, editing as I typed.

Wrote this blog post.

It is now 16 hours after my day began. And I'm about to pick up my pen and make my word count.