Oh well the devil makes us sin

My friend and Clarionmate Damien G. Walter has asked those of us who scribble for fun and profit to address the question of "Why do you write?"

Okay. I'll play.

I write because when I was a kid, authors were my heros. I thought anyone who could tell stories was some sort of rockstar wizard. I would like someday to be a rockstar wizard.

I write because someone once told me I couldn't. And even though he will never read anything I write, and unless I become staggeringly successful, he will probably never know I was even published, every time I write *ENDS*, every time I get an acceptance, every time I see my name in print, it is a reminder that I knew myself better than he did.

I write because even on the days it sucks so much that I want to burn my manuscripts and hide my pens from myself, being a writer is still the best job I've ever had.

I write because it is a way to connect. I've met people and made friends that I never would have known if I hadn't written something that they read. And the times when people have told me that something I wrote meant something to them - those are extraordinary moments, and ones I will never stop being grateful for.

I write because there are stories that need to be written.

I write because doing so helps me know myself more fully, helps me be a better person, gives me the courage to speak truth.

I write because I do not want to be forgotten.

I write because words have power, and I refuse to be powerless.

I write because I want to show you the beauty in the darkness, the hope that comes after terror, the joy of survival. I write to fill the gaps in the world with words.

I write because I love it. I can imagine a lot of things, but even when writing is hard, and lonely, and the most uncertain and terrifying career choice ever, I cannot imagine doing anything else.