She saved the world. A lot.

Buffy Summers turns 30 today. Which is a fairly impressive achievement for a woman who once sang the lyric, "Hey, I've died twice."

I didn't watch Buffy when the show was on tv. My reaction, when it started, was, "But I like vampires. Why would I want to watch a show about a Slayer?" I decided I would after a law school faculty party, where I overheard a less than flattering mention of myself, which provoked the response, "What did you expect? You married Buffy Summers."

I have never been blonde or a cheerleader. I bought the entire series the next day.

And I love it. As far as I'm concerned, season 5 of Buffy is the most perfect single season of television I've ever seen. I love the show, and Buffy, in a way that - while I realize there were flaws and missteps over the course of the run, and can talk in depth about the things I didn't quite like - means I can't fully articulate why it is I love the show as much as I do, why Buffy is a character who speaks to me as truly as she does.

It's just my show. Buffy is my hero. The elevator pitch for the novel formerly known as Linger is "It's like Buffy meets Camelot with fencing."

She saved the world, and on some days, I think she saved parts of me, too. She's my younger sister's age, but still the person I want to be when I grow up.

Happy Birthday, Buffy.