Best. Day. Ever.

I am exhausted. There are an appalling number of blisters on my feet (curse you, seductively cute new shoes), and I think I may have lost my voice.

I do not care. I feel like a rock star.

And not just because the Stories event was amazing. (Which it was, and when I am coherent, I will try to post about it.) But because you guys are amazing.

For all of you who called, or emailed, or tweeted, or used some form of communication to tell me you bought Stories or you liked "A Life in Fictions," thank you. My wonderful friends, Ellen and Delia, who took me to dinner, and then came to the event for moral support, even though they were exhausted from travel - you made today wonderful. Thank you. Everyone at Columbia tonight who introduced themselves, said kind words to me, asked me to sign your book (!), thank you. Even with a coherent brain, I would not be able to adequately describe what your support means to me.

So I'll just say it again: You are amazing. Thank you.