Almost already gone

Two weeks from yesterday, I won't live here any more. While I'll miss people, I'm fine with leaving. I won't miss this place. (Even had I been thinking about missing Minneapolis, last night's threat of snow and the current freeze warning we're under would have taken care of that. I like my seasons to be civilized and seasonal, thank you.)

The Packing of the Books has officially begun. I've packed all the books that aren't in my office. This would be more impressive if I didn't keep moving books to my office during the packing process. I'll be house sitting for six weeks when I first get to Stony Brook, and I'll need books with me for course prep, and for research, and y'know, to read. And packing the books has made me nostalgic, and I want to reread a bunch of YA books - Garth Nix's Abhorsen trilogy, and Pullman's His Dark Materials, and a good deal of Madeleine L'Engle and Lloyd Alexander's  Chronicles of Prydain and... So, yes. I keep moving books into the office. Because even though I am only house sitting for six weeks, and then all my books will move with me into my new apartment, deciding exactly which books must not be put into storage, even for a brief time, has become tricksy. I have a terrible feeling that I am going to be driving a car filled solely with books plus Sam I Am and Stella into Stony Brook.

Speaking of cars and the drive - any good suggestions for what I should listen to on the way? It's about time for me to load up the iPod for the trip. Music more than audiobooks - I have a tendency to listen to the story instead of paying attention to the road, which could be bad.