By way of introduction

I know. I know. I did this already. There was even a "Welcome" post. But then all these lovely new people showed up, and I want them to feel welcome, too, and I also thought, "Gee, it might be nice to have a sort of all 'round introductory type whassname." So for those of you who have been here since the beginning, sorry for the being repetitive, and please, feel free to stop reading at any point. It's not like there will be a quiz or anything.

So, (waves) Hi, I'm Kat. Until I defend my dissertation in August, I am a graduate student in English Literature. My primary period of expertise is basically Chaucer through Shakespeare, and I've also done scholarship on and taught fantasy literature. My dissertation is on the tension between holiness and heresy in the writing of four women mystics from the late fourteenth to mid-sixteenth century, and involves a lot of speculative theology. 

I am also a writer of speculative fiction. I am an alumna of Clarion 2008, where I was taught by six utterly brilliant instructors, and wrote with seventeen other students for six life-changing weeks. No, you can't yet buy anything I've written, but I have sold my first short story to a very exciting upcoming anthology, and I have a novel in draft, and yes, I will tell you lots about those things. I tend to talk about writing a lot. I don't usually post my work, but since you lot seemed to like the last bit, maybe I'll give you the occasional excerpt or something.

Recently, I have returned to the world of competitive fencing. And really, who doesn't like talking about sword fights? I occasionally post about really serious things. I do not post about the more (coughs, raises eyebrow) personal parts of my personal life, because, hey, that's why they're called "personal," and also, my Mom reads this. I do not, as yet, put up pictures or videos or whatever else is shiny because I will break the internet if I do.

I like it when you leave comments. I like this even more when you are respectful of yourself and others when you do so. Manners, you know? 

Lovely to meet you all.