A rose by any other name

My sister used to have BlondTxGrl as her email address. And she was, indeed, a blond girl from Texas, so as descriptive names go, that one was a win. However, some of the, oh, let's go with "less savory" denizens of the internet made certain assumptions about my sister based on that name. Assumptions that led to them sending her photographs of a personal nature. Needless to say, that is no longer part of her email address.

I recently joined Twitter. If you want, you can find me there as @KatWithSword. Which I thought was a pretty safe name. However, there does seem to be a contingent of people on Twitter who feel like a woman with a sword is the archaic weapons version of the Guns and Ammo bikini girl. 

Guys, no. I am a foil fencer. I wear a lot of protective clothing when I fence. Four layers over my shirt. And I wear pants. 

Sorry to disappoint you.