"And here I stand, with a sword in my hand"

I am thinking seriously about fencing competitively again.

I've been playing with the idea for a while. I never fell out of love with the sport. I stopped because I had a spate of exciting injuries (torn hamstring, dislocated shoulder) and grad school. I couldn't train like I wanted to, and losing to people I had helped train was a bad mental place for someone who considers herself to be both a perfectionist and very competitive.

But I kept up with some training on my own, casually. And recently a little bit more seriously, as the point of view character in my novel is a competitive fencer, and fencing is important to the story. I realized that I really missed the weight of a foil in my hand. And even more, I miss the way fencing makes me think, and the sensation of fully inhabiting my own skin that I got while bouting.

If nothing else, it'll serve as research.